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Pick up one of the best entry-level racing wheels, the Logitech G29, for £189

It's PlayStation/PC-compatible, or you can get the Xbox-friendly G920 for the same price.

Logitech makes some of the best mainstream racing wheels and pedals on the market, but the cost of entry is still fairly steep: £269 for the PC/PlayStation-compatible G29 and the same for the PC/Xbox G920 variant. Today though, Currys in the UK are offering £80 off on either model when you use code WHEEL80, dropping the price down to £189.

We've already recommended these wheel-and-pedals sets for an American audience when we saw a drop on Amazon US, so I'll be fairly brief with the description here. These are not high-end direct drive wheels with incredible force feedback and a complete modular ecosystem, but they are some of the best racing sets you can get for under £200, offering a much more immersive driving experience in a wide range of games, from competitive racing in Assetto Corsa and iRacing or the more laid-back American Truck Simulator, Gran Turismo 7 or F1 22.

You get one grippy wheel with gear-driven force feedback, paddle shifters, 10 buttons in total and three metal pedals for clutch, brake and throttle mounted on a plastic base. You can clamp the wheel onto a desk, or screw them into a racing cockpit, and because its metal-and-plastic construction is reasonably durable, you can probably use them for many years. If you want a stick shifter, you can also pick one up separately.

So the Logitech G29 is pretty darn good for the money, and well worth picking up if you've been playing racing games on a gamepad or keyboard and want to take things to the next level without investing in a high-end direct drive wheel and an expensive cockpit.

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