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Pig Out: Warsow Hits v1.0

I've visited Warsow a number of times during RPS' years of activity, and so it's pleasing to see it arrive at version 1.0. There are no doubt youthful readers among the RPS hordes who were not, er, in their prime for the bouncy, bunny-hoppy, ultra-faced paced era of the multiplayer FPS, and for whom such things seem like an anachronism. But it was only a decade-and-a-bit ago, and it remains and thrilling and compelling form of the FPS. It's been recalibrated to near-abstract extremes by Warsow, and if you are not familiar with such things you owe it to yourself to take a look. You will be hammered by the denizens of its servers, of course, but perhaps you will break through into the joy that sits on the other side of the difficulty precipice.

Oh and it's free, of course. And you can see the 1.0 trailer below. Great stuff.

Magnificent. Congratulations to everyone on the Warsow team for making this so good.

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