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Pillars of Eternity II's free sidekick brings her own booze

But why is the rum gone?

While Rear Admiral Walker of the good ship RoPapSho wasn't entirely enamoured with Pillars of Eternity II's blend of Baldur's Gate-ish CRPG'ing and fantasy Caribbean piratical adventuring, the game has certainly found its niche, and the chanting from the crowd is loud and clear. People want more Pirate Stuff to do, and more pirates to hang out with. A little chunk of free DLC released today - the Rum Runner's Pack - adds a bit of both, if your idea of Pirate Stuff is getting blind drunk on delicious dark rum with a new buddy.

Front and centre in the Rum Runner's Pack is a new recruitable sidekick, Mirke. A scurrilous pirate of minor renown, she's a Monk, class-wise, but is presumably a master of the drunken fist, considering her love of all things alcoholic. She'll join you after the quest Blow the Man Down, and will stick with you through thick and thin, so long as you keep the drinks flowing. This would normally be where I'd embed some manner of official trailer, but there is none for this little bit of free DLC, so let's have some Rum instead.

The rest of this little pack of increasingly delicious-sounding goodies is six new drinks added to a merchant somewhere, plus (probably best of all, for anyone wanting to go a little bit Jack Sparrow) a Drunken personality setting. Now, you too can swagger blindly from one grand adventure to the next, never quite fully aware of where one ends and the next begins. Just expect a hangover of borderline-apocalyptic scale when you decide to start acting respectable again.

There's more free DLC yet to come, including a set of new hair and beard options. Before this, Obsidian also released the similarly-free Critical Role Pack, which lets you dress up as (and adopt the voices of) the cast of the popular RPG podcast of the same name. I've heard a lot of good stuff about it, but never given it a try myself. Perhaps I'll dedicate some of my long weekend to listening to that with a generous helping of rum & coke... Tempting. Oh yeah, and there's a whole season pass worth of additional island adventures on their way. That seems important too.

The Rum Runner's pack is free for all, and you can snag it via Steam, GOG, Origin and even the Mac App Store.

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