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Piranha Bytes Show Off Nine Minutes Of Elex Gameplay

A "xenial" jetpack'em up

We haven't heard much about Piranha Bytes self-proclaimed "xenial" open-world RPG Elex [official site]. The creators of Risen and Gothic did treat us to this nine minute gameplay video at Gamescom, though. It's full of charming, awkward strafing animations, feathered velociraptor/bird hybrids, and jet packs. What's not to like?

We get a closer glimpse of Elex's most important piece of equipment, the jet pack, which is used in short bursts to dart out of reach of hungry monsters before swooping in for an attack. Two encounters with smelly troll-like monsters show off a wide range of weapons that will be available, including some sort of chainsaw sword, plasma rifles, and a blade that can set your enemies aflame.

Elex's post-apocalyptic world blends sci-fi and fantasy. Following a meteor strike, people are scrambling for a rare element, the eponymous "Elex" that powers machines, grants magic abilities, and has the power to create new forms of life. Does that mean this Elex element is the key to the game's Jurassic Park trappings? Who knows! It's all in good fun, and the mix of medieval high fantasy with sci-fi high tech widgets is quite appealing.

Piranha are aiming for an early 2017 release, though nothing's official just yet. Its Steam page is up, if you do that wishlisting thing.

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