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Pirates are swinging aboard For The King next week in a free update

For The Cap'n

There's only one force known to man that can improve board-game-like strategic RPG For The King, and that force is pirates. They'll be swinging on board November 21st as part of the Into The Deep update, equipped with new gun-class weapons and with other NPCs (friendly and not-so-friendly) on their tail. If the trailer's anything to go by, there is a lot of shooting people on boats.

Do what you want, because the pirates are free. Yar, Har, fiddle dee-dee.

That's you, sailing "the vast oceans of Fahrul". The DLC is basically a pack of new nautically-themed encounters, boats and weapons. None of that is likely to raise the combat up past 'low-key interesting', but there's a lot to be said for variety.

I've still got a soft spot For The King, because it's a lovely little place to unwind with friends. It's pretty simple, once you know what you're doing - leaving plenty of room for chat, with occasional pauses to consult about which magical song the bard should play on their lute. Those lutes are the best thing in the game, because you get to play a little victory song after every fight.

Though there was that time when I decided boats were the best thing in the game, making this expansion of particular interest to me. I had to convince me friend to give me all his gold so we could buy a boat and sail out to a special event, which turned out to be absolutely nothing. We haven't invested in a boat since, so this is my chance to remedy that.

I completely missed the last free expansion, Gold Rush, which actually sounds more interesting. It adds an "uncooperative mode" where you're still in a party together, but instead of collectively defeating the forces of darkness and chaos you're each just trying to get rich. It's a lot like board game Cutthroat Caverns, and encourages you to do stuff like charging the group into a doomed fight then slinking away as soon as it starts.

For The King is available on Steam for £15.50/$20/€20.

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