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Pixelatedcrown: Lovely game assets to look at

Something pretty

Pointing people at cool things I love is one of the best parts of this job so I'm going to do it again: here's Chelsea Saunders' Tumblr! You may know her as Pixelatedcrown - the mind behind the glorious Mario Cars 2: 64 - but I think I ended up directly following her work after finding some of her plant art assets on her blog.

The plant assets were for an older project called Babi Glo which met a really sad end after a hard drive failure and an external backup drive loss:

Pixelated Crown

Pixelated Crown

She's currently working on a mobile game about mowing gardens and tending them which you can follow via a Twitter thread here. Obviously I can't write about that directly on this PC gaming site but it's throwing up all manner of lovely assets you can use your gaming PC to look at.

Pixelated Crown

There are also just a lot of little snapshots or ideas which are really pleasing to look at even if they're not part of a playable project as far as I can tell.

Pixelated Crown

To help justify this post a bit better Saunders also spent time at Google and was the lead on the Valentine's Google Doodle game this year:

"You play as a pangolin travelling to meet their Valentine's date across the globe through 5 levels, each with their own location and theme. Gameplay consists of rolling through levels while exploring paths and avoiding obstacles, aiming to collect as many items and get to the end of each level before the timer runs out."

Here's the link.

Anyway, yes. Chelsea gives good Tumblr. You can find that here and there's now also a Patreon for her work here.

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