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Pixeljam crowdfunding the extremely silly Cheap Golf

Crazy crazy golf

The very prolific Pixeljam (they of Dino Run) are having a bit of an experiment with Kickstarter. The crowdfunding site has recently started offering seven-day campaigns, and these guys are braving the format with a splendidly silly-sounding mini-golf game, Cheap Golf [Kickstarter page]. With lots of jokes. Oh, and even more bravely, they've set things up so you'll receive reward tiers even if the campaign fails.

Which yes, does mean you get the rewards even if you don't pay any money. So, um, some horrible people might rather want it to fail. (They have rather cleverly thought of that, and it you withdraw funds you don't get a thing.)

Anyway, the game. Here's the pitch video:

In Pixeljam's traditional minimalist style, this looks completely bonkers, in just the right way. Especially if your name is Bill and or Susan. I can't really improve on their own description:

"You'll fling a little square boop around dozens of mazes stocked with moving walls, chomping deathtraps, bouncy bumpers, teleporters, keys, doors, and anything else that can be conceived and implemented without much hassle."

The stretch goals are also completely awesome:

"If we raise over $10000, I will add the option to change the ball color from white to yellow.

If we raise over $12000, I will put a poorly drawn animal (backers will vote to decide) into one of the cutscenes.

TROLL GOAL: If we raise *exactly* $15000, I will remove the drawing from the game, as well as the ball color option. Don't let this happen!

If we raise over $15000, I will put the drawing and ball option back in as well as a secret level full of collectible sausages.

If we raise over $25000, I will be incredibly surprised."

Come on people, let's get it to exactly $15,000!

If you pledge up to $23, you'll get increasing numbers of Pixeljam games whether the project succeeds or not. Or you could offer $53, and, er, suggest your own reward. $153 will let you design your own level, with provisos that it can't be shit. And then of course there's the $2,500 tier where you'll get ten bespoke levels and cutscenes just for you.

In a cunning PR move Pixeljam only told us about this two days into the seven day campaign, that ends on Monday. Perhaps they thought it was too easy. Anyway, this looks completely fabbo-brills. I backed it, I tells ya.

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