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Planetary Dustoff rockets into early access today

Eat my dustoff

Planetary Dustoff is a roguelike shoot 'em up that plays a bit like Nuclear Throne, but in space. Except it's on planets. Obviously. It launches on early access later today, but I've already dusted off one planet in a preview copy.

You play as a space jerk, basically. Down you go, in search of the next planet for your fascistic empire to colonise. "Find out if the planet is habitable", goes the missions briefing, and "neutralise any resistance". It doesn't say why people might want to resist your legion of faceless conquistadors, but I have some ideas.

Not that any of this matters. When you land you're fighting the good fight, with dodge-rolls and cool laser noises.

It's solid stuff! I haven't gotten far enough to talk about enemy variety and the like, but the dodging and zapping I've gotten up to so far has all been on point. My luck ended when I pressed a suspiciously-tempting button, summoning some bounty hunter-type who shot me to pieces.

Here is a video of people who are not me also getting shot to pieces.

If further proof of your bastardry were required, some of the robo-enemies eject little scuttling escape pods when you blow them up. All they do is run away from you, but of course you have to chase them down. I think. I did, anyway. Oh no.

They feel a bit rudimentary at the moment, but you also come across obelisks and characters who'll offer you deals, like half your ammo for some extra health. I do like it when games ask me what I'm prepared to sacrifice. Apart from morals, clearly.

The launch build has "three full planets and bosses as well as over 100 different weapons and items", with many more planned over the 6-12 months developers Rymdfall plan to spend in early access.

Oh, and it's all being built with moddability in mind. Currently only "adding new weapons and items are officially supported and documented", it says here, but there's nothing stopping you from from reaching further into Dustoff's innards if you like.

It'll be out at 6pm GMT, when you can nab it on Steam for £11.39/$15/€12.49

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