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Play Monday Night Combat On A Wednesday

We knew colourful multiplayer future-scrap Monday Night Combat was coming out on PC on the 24th of January. We did. What we didn't know, and by "We" I mean "I", what I didn't know, right, was that if you pre-order it on Steam you basically could have been playing the beta this whole time.

But then, if you wanted up-to-the-minute news you'd be reading a newspaper or something. Perhaps you'd simply be prowling the streets, asking passers-by if they'd heard any news. Any news from you, sir, up Nottingham way? No? Damn.

Anyway, it's not too late to enjoy Monday Night Combat's Team Fortress-meets-Tower-Defense action ahead of the release date. There are still twelve days left! Go, go! And if you missed it first time around, here's the excellent PC trailer again.

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Monday Night Combat

Xbox 360, PC

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