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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds new event mode is totes pr0

Serious business

After the big teams, big bants, and beefy vehicles of last weekend's Metal Rain, things will take a turn for the serious with the next Playerunknown's Battlegrounds event mode. Inspired by the PUBG Global Invitational tournament raging over in Berlin, this week's event will play by the official digital sports rules, where the tingly blue circle moves faster, the red bombing zone is disabled, good weapons are more common, and everyone is locked to the first-person camera. Serious rules for serious gaming. The PGI 2018 event mode starts tonight, and do be sure to wear your serious free PGI outfit while playing.

The PGI 2018 event is limited to 20 squads, and each squad is forced to four players - with automatched randos filling in if you can't field a full squad. It's only on Erangel, only in the sun. Today's announcement explains the rest:

  • Perspective is locked to FPP (like in many popular competitive events)
  • The blue zone moves more quickly than in games with normal settings.
  • Weapons spawns are a bit more generous. (AR, SR, DMR x1.5, SMG x1.2, Crossbow x0.1)
  • Red zones are disabled.
  • 20 cars with exclusive decals (and full gas tanks) are spawned in fixed locations across 20 landmark areas.

Pro rules are already a preset in the Custom Match section, now that everyone can create such servers, but it's certainly easier to get a game going through matchmade events.

This kicks off overnight, at 3am Friday UK time (7pm today in the Pacific time zone). It will end at 3am on Monday the 30th (7pm Pacific on Sunday).

You can watch the PGI streamed online in many languages. RPS cub reporter Matt is on the scene in Berlin, already hitting Brendan "Plunk" Greene with the big questions.

I miss Metal Rain mode. Larger teams split opponents across the map, then we pulled together for the obvious objectives of incoming drops. It had a pleasant pacing. All the flares popping off sounded quite celebratory. It wouldn't be as much fun if it were a permanent fixture rather than something we made an effort to pull a big team together for, but I am keen to see it return. And, honestly, disabling friendly fire did make for some top banter - until the dad of the lads stepped in to stop our shoving, at least.

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