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Please enjoy Justin Bieber's new house put into 90s strategy games

What units does it manufacture tho?

Earlier this week the social medias went wild over pictures of Justin Bieber's giant plastic mansion-hole. People were saying it looked like the Marvel Avengers HQ. This is the most incorrect thing I have ever heard. It clearly looks like something you'd see made out of empty Müller Corners and Fairy Liquid bottles on three successive episodes of Blue Peter.

Look at it. That's the long lens shot of it everyone is rinsing, in the header there. You can just imagine painting that circular bit on the left in white acrylic paint, and your mum putting it on the shelf with all the spaghetti so it would dry, except you couldn't be that patient so you started painting it silver too soon and that bit ended up being streaky compared to the rest. Anyway, turns out I'm also wrong and that what it actually is, is a base building from a 90s PC game.

This revelation was gifted to use by Twitter user pooldad, who twote out a slightly pixelated version of the pop-star enclosure and noted that "it looks like it's from a 1999 strategy game." It does!

Using this image as a template, pooldad and a flurry of other Twitter people did their magic, and created a bunch of versions of it in different classic PC games. Here it is in the stone cold fox that is Red Alert 2, for example.

It melts surprisingly well into the space adventures of Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, an RTS from 2001.

Not just strategy games, though! It also works excellently as a "heavily modded" home in the very first Sims.

Perhaps not quite as seamless an addition to SimCity 2000, but you can imagine a millionaire taking over several blocks of an entire downtown area easily enough, eh?

But honestly, it looks ripped from the screen of SimCity 4.

I think my favourite, though, is this one, where it's just been fucked into the original RollerCoster Tycoon. It seems so wrong, but it feels so right.

*chef's kiss*

The moral of the story is that if you are rich, at least have the good grace to buy things that we can all point and laugh at.

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