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Please, stop Fall Guys from calling its next obstacle "Ringus Dingus"

Stumble of the penguins.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But more harrowing still are the names Fall Guys is polling for next season's vindictive new hammer. Following the announcement that Season 3 will be giving the stumbling obstacle course a wintry theme, Mediatonic have given us a peek at some of the new dangers arriving next season - assuring us that it's entirely not their fault if one of these hazards has an utterly unbearable name.

In line with notable guest-stars like "Big Yeetus", "Thicc Bonkus" and "Little Yeety", Season 3 will be getting its own randomly-appearing death pendulum. This time, however, they're handing the naming rights over to viewers at home.

Sadly, it looks like the established "heckin' pepperoni bonks" naming convention is a fan-favourite, because "Ringus Dingus" currently has a decisive lead. Then again, who could blame it when the opposition is so lacklustre? Go ahead, Fall Guys. Ring that dingus. It's what we all deserve.

In slightly cheerier news, Mediatonic spent the weekend showing off some delightful new feathered friends due to flock in next season. Rather than a costume or pet, these penguins will populate some of the game's new levels - defending their territory from roving gangs of wobbly bean-folk, I reckon.

Announced by way of a community jigsaw puzzle, Season 3 still doesn't have a firm release date. With a slot at The Game Awards on December 10th (and considering its rather seasonal theming), however, I wouldn't expect to wait too long before we all stumble out on a penguin hunt with our new pal Dingus.

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