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Please take ReedPop's survey about digital events

For our corporate uncles, and us

ReedPop, our corporate uncles and the organisers of events including EGX Rezzed and Star Wars Celebration, have a survey for you. Now that outside is, y'know, off, what do you think about events? What would you want from their digital replacements? They're asking so they can better host events you'd like. Given that we've had a hand in hosting and arranging bits at some shows, Rezzed in particular, it's helpful for us too.

You can take the survey over here. Questions are basically around what you're interested in, what sort of digital stuff you've been enjoying now events are off, and what more you would like to see done.

The list of events ReedPop run is a long one, with EGX, EGX Rezzed, the PAXes, New York Comic Con, and frankly many I didn't know they were even involved with, like Minecraft Festival and... Salon du Chocolat? Are you telling me I could've been skimming corporate chocolate these past two years? Point is, they have their fingers in many cultural pies, and would like to deliver digital pies in delicious flavours tailored to your tastes.

I'm not saying you should demand our Matthew host a livestreamed gameshow where he covers his dining table with groceries then secretly adds or removes items for contestants to spot, but it is what I want. Chop chop, ReedPop.

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