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Point And Click This News: Sherlock And Deponia

In a never to be repeated adventure game news roundup, I bring you trailers and release dates for two - count 'em - two adventure games of the pointing and clicking variety. First up is The Testament of Sherlock Holmes in which the the world's first consulting detective goes on a murder spree. Or perhaps he doesn't and the whole thing turns out to be an overwhelmingly obtuse setup, but the trailer would not have you believe that. It is dramatic in a way that only occurrences within the pea soupers of Old London Town can be. The second trailer is for Chaos on Deponia, second in the trilogy. John shared his thoughts on the first, concluding thusly: "I spent more time being frustrated than entertained, and perhaps too much time somewhere between the two." Watch both trailers now.

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To escape from that predicament it'll be necessary to use the mop with the frogspawn. Chaos on Deponia is out on November 6th.

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That one's out tomorrow and I'm being sincere when I say that video has put me right in the mood to pursue some clues and solve some mysteries. Good stuff, even if some of the previous Frogwares Holmes games haven't been particularly distinguished. I did like The Awakening though, teleporting Watson and all, but that probably says as much about me being a sucker for Lovecraftian horror mashups as it does for the quality of the game. Come to think of it, the asylum bit really was quite rubbish.

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