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The Hex Is Pony Island Dev's Next Game

Daniel Mullins, the developer behind Pony Island, has announced his next game - The Hex [official site]. This time around, it's a murder mystery game dabbling in a number of different video game genres.

The Hex, set at a tavern, begins on a dark and stormy night, like most murder mysteries do. The barkeep receives a mysterious phone call from an unknown voice, warning that one of the six guests is plotting a murder. Unfortunately, the tavern guests are a lazy bunch and completely disinterested in solving the mystery. Each of the six characters are modeled after very different video game stereotypes. We have the Fighter, The Spacemarine, The Sorceress, The Apocalypse Survivor, The Platformer, and my personal favorite, The First Person Perspective.

You'll get to learn all about each of these characters and unearth their secret objectives and motivations by exploring their memories. Each character's memory is reminiscent of their corresponding genre. The Platformer's memory plays out as a sidescroller, or play through The Apocalypse Survivor's story in a turn-based isometric strategy game.

"The game shares some similarities with Pony Island: games within games, inverted expectations, and a heavy helping of secrets," says Mullins.

The Hex will launch on Windows, Mac, and Linux in "early 2017". Be sure to check out the trailer here:

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