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Musical Wandering: Porapora

Free walking simulator

Come on, that's enough. You've had enough. It's noon. Get up. Get out of the house. I'm going for a swim, and if you're still there when I get back, I'll be sorely disappointed. We follow a strict Victorian physical code here, you know: a brisk walk, a dunk in some nice cold water, then a seven-course lunch once we're all back. Don't pout. Oh, at the very least, do go for a virtual walk. It'll still enrich you, and might help you shake your grumps off if you're playing the delightful Porapora.

Porapora is a free walking simulator created for 7 Day FPS by Flex Roman and Héloïse Lozano. We wander around a colourful forest, leaves crunching underfoot, and make our own music by brushing up against things. While Proteus had a constant background soundtrack that our movement played into and expanded, Porapora's just a walk until we touch anything.

I do like that flora needs to be touched to make a noise. On my own woodland wanderings, I'm always careful not to cause damage but touch everything that looks to have an interesting texture. Craggy bark, exposed sapwood, smooth leaves, ruffed ferns, damp soil, soft fungi - I touch 'em all. And wash my hands afterwards, of course.

The view can get a bit jittery, you'll notice in the video. I suspect that might be because Porapora was created in GameMaker, which isn't really made for 3D first-person games. I've played other GameMaker 3D FPSs that were fine, though. Mysteries!

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