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Buckets O' Porp: Eczema Angel Orifice Released

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Oh sure, maybe you have been a beautiful frog, a ruthless cyberpunk businesslady, an artificer serving a dark empress, and Ke$ha herself, but not quite like this. Yesterday Porpentine released Eczema Angel Orifice [official site], collecting 25 of the former RPS columnist's hypertext games together, updated and coming with director's notes and a viewing guide to find the right one for you right now. It's on Itch for $5.

Porpentine's work is... it's really good, yeah? I also find it very difficult to write about. This is why I'm just the news schlub, writing that ole video game news, not having to wrestle with thoughts and feelings. But I did have a crack at With Those We Love Alive, while Cara has written about Ultrabusiness Tycoon III and Love Is Zero (which isn't in here, actually). It contains:

Howling Dogs, With Those We Love Alive, Ultra Business Tycoon III, Cyberqueen, High End Customizable Sauna Experience, Their Angelical Understanding, Skulljhabit, Parasite, Beautiful Frog, Climbing 208 Feet Up The Ruin Wall, Begscape, Orifice Clique, Sewer Diamond War of 3096 Reenactment, Her Car is the Edge of the World, Wild Wild Gender Mines, Myriad, Metrolith, Contrition, Ruiness, Frolic RPG, Mother, Shadowchildself, List of Hellgenders, The Sky in the Room, Faceless Genderless Amorphous Bonemass Hairbeast

A demo for Windows and Mac gives a taste of the menus binding them all together and Porpentine's notes on them. I'm often wary of director's commentary sort of things, not wanting to ruin 'the magic', but I dug the insights and stories from these.

Porpentine's also having a crack at Steam Greenlight with Eczema Angel Orifice, and, if it makes it, says she'll try to get Steam keys to folks who buy it on Itch.

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