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Portal 2 Mod Adds Time-Travelling Legs

Two great tastes in one mod

An oversized revolver, a chunky pump-action shotgun, a bolt-action rifle, and seeing my own legs: the four things I most want to see in first-person games. Perhaps the first three wouldn't fit too cleanly into Portal 2 but that fourth, yes, certainly! And joy of joys, a new mod has added that very feature, so I spent half an hour this morning running around staring at Chell's toes as if the mod turned Valve's puzzle-platformer into Kyphosis Simulator 2014.

I suppose technically the 'main feature' in the Thinking with Time Machine mod is a time machine which'll have you creating time loops to solve puzzles with the aid of your past self, which is great and all but look, LEGS.

FOUR legs!

Thinking with Time Machine gives Chell a shiny little tablet with the magical power of creating and replaying time loops. Pressing R starts recording a loop, Q stops it, then F replays it. In these loops you'll enlist your past twin to press buttons and move cubes and all that Portal jazz and sometimes, humbly, crouch down and give you a leg-up. At first the timetwin mostly opens doors and press buttons for you, but as puzzles progress you need to interact with their loop more.

It doesn't appear to be the longest of mods, but the interactions get interesting and I'll be returning later to finish up. For those lacking in some of the social niceties, it's perhaps the closest we'll get to playing Portal 2 co-op. Shamefully I've only played the first few co-op puzzles, which I should rectify.

You will of course need Portal 2 to play the mod but, as luck would have it, that's on sale until Friday for £3.74, less than the price of a pint of reasonable ale in an East London pub.

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