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Post-apocalyptic golf game Golf Club: Wasteland tees off in September

Welcome to the a-par-calypse

When I was a stupid child, I once played a round of golf in my street. It ended as you’d expect: a broken window and a very, very shouted at Craig. I was reminded of that dark, tear-filled moment of my life when I watched Golf Club: Wasteland’s brand-new trailer. It’s a game where a golfer gleefully plays a round of golf through a ruined Earth. Previously dated for August, it's now coming out on September 3rd. Sure, the world is a mess and there’s no more air left, but I’d take that over my dad screaming at me again.

With Earth a complete wreck, the rich have abandoned it to live on Mars, and only return for a round of golf. As someone who has been to St Andrews, the “home of golf” (and home to some of my family), more times than I can count... yeah, that tracks. You’d only need to rename the Earth “The Old Course 2” and a queue of super-rich men with tucked in shirts would start to form.

Even so, I’m superficially very jealous of this man. He gets to tee-off from the top of stalled fairground rides and flipped cars without a care in the world. It looks so relaxing playing though abandoned shops with their windows pre-broken for your convenience. And like all proper golfers, he doesn’t even need to walk. He jetpacks around.

Side-on golf games always tend to be satisfying, and I like the trend that’s developed among them. The ones I really enjoy, like the minimal Golf on Mars, or the classic Worms Crazy Golf, only share a club and a ball in common with the base game. I’m very grateful that my pioneering “golf anywhere” approach has resulted in this subgenre of games.

I’ll be playing this when it comes out September 3rd on Steam.

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