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Prepare To Enter Extraction

Free guns for everyone

AWOOGA: Do not search on Youtube for "Extraction". I went looking for some beta footage to add to this post, but without filtering the search the results turned out to be rather anatomical and spider-bitey. Luckily for me a defense mechanism kicked and I was only briefly exposed to the bitten bits of people before my tears and screaming blocked it all. But I've seen things, readers. Horrible things. What I was looking for was recent footage of Splash Damage's Extraction, their in-development shooter set in the streets of London. I have reasons, and it involves you signing up to the closed beta.

It's a fairly painless procedure: you click here, click the top right, and add a scant amount of details. But what did you just sign-up to? A free-to-play class-based shooter from the devs of Brink, Quake Wars, and most importantly Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. I can show you what it looks like. The following footage is the only direct-feed of the beta I could find. My eyes bled to get this footage, so you'd better watch it.

Like it? It's very Brink-ish, isn't it? I wonder if Splash damage are considering this a do-over for that strange, lost, oddball that I actually enjoyed? That said it has bits of all their games in there, somewhere. They are a company that has a thing-that-they-do, and I've mostly enjoyed that output, so I signed-up. Feel free to follow me in.

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