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Pretending To Be In Germany: GC Round-up #1

Annoyingly we're not at this year's Leipzig Games Convention, because we're a) stupid b) poor c) lazy and d) unfit for public consumption. We did intend to be, but things fall apart, the centre of PC game blogging cannot hold.

But let's pretend. Imagine we are actually there, and the list of links below is actually stuff we've seen and written ourselves. It'll be fun!

- EA's Peter Moore tackles Piracy, eh? in response to the news that a bunch of games companies are fining 25,000 British filesharers. "I'm not a huge fan of trying to punish your consumer. Albeit these people have clearly stolen intellectual property, I think there are better ways of resolving this within our power as developers and publishers." Moore also exclusively told RPS, while we were at Leipzig, that his favourite colour is taupe and he has a pet Mastodon.

- Rockstar's Bully is coming to PC in October. Seems a little late, but more importantly YOU CAN KISS BOYS IN IT.

- Also on Rockstar tip, there're a few more details on the GTA 4 PC port. Higher resolutions, would you believe. Also some sort of replay video editor thingum, so you can watch yourself kicking that hooker to death from every possible angle. There may be more players supported in multiplayer modes too. Rockstar also exclusively told RPS, while we were at Leipzig, that GTA IV PC will feature Wilfred Bramble as a new playable character.

- A few more details and screens for Diablo III. Blizzard still isn't talking about how the new Battle.net will work, however. I'm convinced you'll have to pay your subscription in actual hellboar teeth, in the soon-to-be-announced Official Blizzard Hellboar Killing Fields.

- Talk of an Age of Conan expansion pack in late 2009, which suggests the game's doing pretty well despite the mass bitching we keep hearing about it. Funcom also exclusively told RPS, while we were at Leipzig, that John Walker fabricated his entire interview series with Ragnar Tørnquist. Actually they just spooned for 48 hours, without saying a word. Though they did gently purr on occasion.

- A couple of new Crysis Warhead trailers, plus wobblycam footage of what Crytek claim the Crysis engine will be capable of in the near-future. Can't really tell at that video quality, but clearly they've still got big plans for Cryengine 2. Hopefully not involving crappy blue aliens.

- Do you like mist and corridors? Then you'll be very glad to hear that the next Silent Hill game is coming to PC as well as those console thingies.

- There's to be a new Anno game, this time set in 1404 and in the Orient. I've never played any of this series, and I really should, given I'm so hot for Colonization. Ubisoft also exclusively revealed to RPS, while we were at Leipzig, that actually the year 1404 never officially happened. It was stricken from history for chatting up 1403's sister.

Aaaand that'll do for now. My massive new monitor arrived today, and tragically it's making my eyes ache horribly. Must rest. Damned march of progress...

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