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The Aliens Are Already Here: Prey's Alternate History

Evil corporations IN SPACE

We don't know a great deal about Prey [official site], severed as it seems to be from the previous game called Prey and the half-formed sequel that died on the vine. The player character can be a man or a woman, there are shadowy, goopy aliens, you can turn into a mug, and it's being made by Arkane, the studio behind Dishonored. Prepare to learn a whole lot more.

A new video, using rather fetching animation, tells us the backstory of the space station Talos I (the game's setting), the corporation that owns it, and the creatures that live there. To get to the future though, we need to go back to the mid-twentieth century and an alternative cold war.

Government-owned extra-terrestrial quarantine facilities are problematic, sure, but I'm betting privatisation is going to be The Bad Guy in Prey. Never trust a space corporation that brags that it can exploit horrors in a more timely fashion than in its competitors.

I suspect we'll see more of these, since marketing campaigns rarely fire a single shot and the whole framing device that sells the video has a leaked file seems like it has legs. Since this is supposed to be a leaked file, I assume the majority of people in Prey's world don't know about the aliens at all? Or perhaps they just don't know about government tampering with the aliens? Whatever the case, TranStar are definitely bastards, I'd bet my life on it.

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