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Arkane's Prey blasting off in May

Half-way there-ere

Prey [official site] will blast off on May 5, publishers Bethesda announced today. The new Prey. The sci-fi immersive sim made by Dishonored developers Arkane. The one which seems to have little to do with Human Head's 2006 FPS yet is confusingly named exactly the same. The one which which looks pretty good fun in its own right. That one. The one where you can be a cup. Bethesda celebrate the announcement with a new trailer which has shocking implications for our Graham.

Aye, I'm up for that. We've not had the chance to play preview versions yet ourselves, but I do dig what I see in gameplay trailers and all. A sci-fi sort of Dishonored with playful environments and magical powers (did I mention you can turn into a cup? also a gun turret, if you want, I suppose) sounds dandy. Sure, I'm sorry I won't get to poke around the glowing cybercity of the quietly-cancelled Prey 2 but I'll not sniff at a new Arkane game.

What about our Graham? I'm sure you know he was ecstatic to finally have a video game protagonist who looks like him. Sadly, it seems that the initial pre-rendered trailer distorted Virtuagraham (or Morgan, as Arkane call him). In-game, as seen here, Morgan is far more stylised, looking like he should be sucking on a ciggie in a Parisian alley.

RIP Virtuagraham. Please, respect his memory by playing as the female Morgan.

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