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Project CARS Has A Release Date Again Again Again Again

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November, March, April, May. Slightly Mad's extremely pretty racing game Project CARS [official site] has just named its latest date, and while the temptation to add a pinch of the old sodium chloride to this is there, perhaps the fact that May 8th (reports Eurogamer) is a mere three weeks away suggests this is actually, really, honestly happening this time.

In the grand pantheon of game slippages, six and bit months of waiting really isn't much, so let's not file CARS alongside Duke Nukem Forever or Half-Life 3 just yet. Reassuringly, there's been plenty of recent activity around the game, including sticking the official soundtrack on Spotify and the unusual news of a graphics settings menu in the console versions, so I'm guessing that latest date is bona fide.

As not much of a racing game player myself, I'm mainly in this for straight-up car porn. I might even dust off the old Oculus DK2 for it, as apparently it supports it natively. Then I can watch myself immediately veer off the road and plough into a barrier in MIND-BLOWING SENSES-SHATTERING VIRTUAL REALITY.

While Steam is still listing simply 'mid-May' rather than the concrete date, it does have a big pre-order button, if that's your reckless bag.

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Project CARS

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