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Proof Of Climate Change? A Tropical Skyrim Overhaul

Winter Summer is coming. Hmm. It doesn't have the quite the same power as "Winter", does it? Shorts and flip-flops are hardly solemn. Basically, if you're a season that encourages Cliff Richard songs, then you're definitely not scarily atmospheric. You are lacking in portent. Which means that this impressive tropical overhaul of Skyrim might change the tone of the game. The dragon shouts will be a bit less gruff and a bit more "Fus Ro Ice-Cream!". Instead of the aggressive mammoths, they might be frolicking in the meltwater, squirting each other with trunkfuls of water and grabbing tails. My magical renaming software is suggesting "Far Cryrim" as a suitable alternative, because Tropical Skyrim Overhaul is too boring for such a sunny delight.

Everything is a bit more summery. The sky is a cloudless blue, there are a palm trees where there was once hardy foliage, snow is now moss. It's not just a few shader tweaks: it's a complete re-imagining of the world, replacing tundra with desert, glaciers are now cliffs, and even the animals have been swapped out. Apes for trolls. Pandas for bears? This sounds gloriously mad. In fact, you might say it's blooming looming lovely.

Via the Reddit.

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