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Drive Me Through The Night: A Free Surreal Ride In Prowl

Dark city streets

Prowl [official page] drives endlessly into a sinister night, the radio warbling jazz as the car drives itself through an empty city into swirling fog and driving rain. We're just the passenger, looking from side to side, rolling the windows up and down, fiddling with bits of the car, watching the city go by, and perhaps wondering why our briefcase contains what appears to be the same city streets.

It's a surreal, dark, and delightful free journey, and you can nab it now for free from Itch.

I've been at Rock, Paper, Shotgun just shy of a year now, so do I still need to say something along the lines of "Yes, you sit there watching things and listening and fiddling and isn't that really great?" in posts like this? I hope not. Perhaps this rhetorical question will be the last such occurrence.

An earlier version of Prowl appeared in the Ghost Wheel? compilation last year, but this final release is 400% more interactive, at least 132% more malevolent, and 187% prettier. (The car light's shade of blue is gorgeous.) It has Oculus Rift support too, for full-vision ghost car immersion.

Prowl's made by Nate Gallardo, the chap behind walkable song Hurry the Sorry Word and explorable sound installation Icefishing V, with Danny Gallagher. That eerie song is a warbled-out version of Duke Ellington's The Mooche, by the way.

If you dig this, you might also like Night Tune. It's another free driven 'em up, this time past the smeared lights of highways and with music of your choosing. Very different takes on similar ideas.

[Disclosure: I know Nate a bit as he makes games I like and I like chatting about them.]

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