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Psychonauts 2! Double Fine Crowdfunding A Sequel

Rah Rah Razputin

Remember back in 2012 when Notch was like, "I could fund a Psychonauts 2!" and Double Fine were all, "Cool! $18m please!" and Notch was all, "Shiiiit, I was thinking more 25p, and - wow, look, an octopus on a tricycle!"? Well, that's all history now.

Double Fine are looking to make Psychonauts 2. They're after $3.3m from backers, alongside their own investment, plus external funding from a mysterious, possibly legal party. More Psychonauts! There's a trailer too, of sorts.

Of course, Notch could now fund 111 sequels to Psychonauts, but that's by the by. Double Fine are hoping the collective wallets of the world will see them through, asking for the same amount their Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter eventually raised. A bold request, what with that being one of the most successful gaming Kickstarters ever, and indeed the one that drove the whole KS gaming revolution. But then, this is Psychonauts 2, and people really want that. I really want that.

Things are complicated by this being fundraised on Fig, meaning as well as simply crowdfunding, people can invest in the project in a way that sees profits come back their way and... oh gawd, I don't understand Fig, and I'm not going to get my head around it at 6.30am. But if you wanted to put in serious money to Psychonauts 2, as a proper business grown up person, you can do that too.

It's an all-or-nothing fundraiser, so if there isn't the interest to raise this really substantial goal, the sequel won't happen. Half a million dollars has come in overnight, so that's a good start, certainly - I suspect this one will make it, although without Broken Age's astonishing ten-fold extremes.

So that seems like good news.

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