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PUBG devs investigating invisible player bug

One invisible Plunkbatter is too many

So many games of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds end with me getting shot out of nowhere by someone I never saw. It's the authentic Plunkbat experience - though a bug that turns players invisible might be taking things a step too far.

That bug definitely exists, and is definitely being investigated by developers PUBG Corp. The only question is whether it's a recent phenomenon.

The devs are looking into at least one confirmed encounter - this one, in fact.

Invisibility cloak op, plz nerf from r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Reddit user "Chazbot2001" has a roundup of five recent invisibility un-sightings. That's solid video evidence that the bug exists, but I don't share their certainty that it's become more prevalent. As people in the thread point out, reports of invisible players have been cropping up for a long time - and five in the past month doesn't constitute "something different entirely", as Chaz claims.

Then again, that thread also has a fair few additional reports of invisible players. Then again again, given the number of people who've seen the thread and the likelihood of anyone who'd encountered the bug to chip in, in all likelihood that's purely the result of a self-selecting sample.

Then again again again, regardless of whether more people have becomes invisible lately or not... nobody should be invisible at this point. The game's been out of beta for nearly a year, and the "FIX PUBG" developer initiative was declared a success - by the devs - over two months ago. In all honesty, I haven't found Plunkbat's jank too bothersome since the early days - but it's hard to think of a more galling bug to die to.

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