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PUBG's new map, featuring respawning, is out now on test servers

And two new bird varieties

Around a month ago PUBG Corp teased "Tiger", a new map which would allow players to respawn if they died early. Well, that map's called Taego (I see what they did there), and it's out now on test servers. Seeing as I spend most of my time dead in PUBG, it has my attention.

Taego doesn't actually launch in PUBG until 7th July, but in the meantime you can give it a whirl on the test servers. It's an 8x8 arena of death; the same size as Erangel and Miramar, two of the game's biggest maps. And going by the trailer below, it gives off an autumn vibe, with lots of orange trees, yellow fields, and the usual array of grey buildings to pock with bullets.

Then you've got the "Comeback Arena", a small island separate from Taego which you'll be whisked away to if you die during the first "Blue Zone phase". You'll need to loot to stay alive, and if you survive long enough you'll be transported back to Taego later in the game. I like that it's a mini battle royale featuring a bunch of players, as opposed to Warzone's gulag, which is a straight 1v1 to the death.

Although PUBG's added one thing that's ripped straight from Warzone, and that's the new Self AED item. Have one of these in your inventory and you'll be able to revive yourself if you've been knocked down. You'll only find these on Taego, but I wouldn't be surprised if they chuck them into other maps if people like them.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of all this, though? Taego is home to two new "friendly bird varieties" that'll react to "player movement and gunfire". Instead of running away from your shots, maybe they just leg it straight at you in anger?

For a look at everything arriving with PUBG's latest update, the patch notes have you covered.

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