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Puzzling: Double Fine Teases Ron Gilbert's New Game

For the longest time, Double Fine's been hinting at a "secret project" heralding from the gleefully demented brain of Monkey Island veteran Ron Gilbert. But what could it be? A truly next-gen oven mitt? Bread that butters other bread, which in turn butters it back? A bluetooth headset that doesn't make you look like you deserve to be crushed by a phone factory? Turns out, it's definitely better than all of those things put together, even though I have no earthly idea what it is yet. I mean, look at that image. Apparently, Game Informer had to assemble it from separate, smaller images. This, I am certain, could revolutionize gaming - provided, of course, Double Fine includes a 37-step tutorial explaining that the small pieces aren't for eating. I always mess that part up.

So obvious speculation says this is Double-Fine-ese for "This is a puzzle game" - or a game that involves a fair amount of puzzling in some form or another, at least. The vibe, meanwhile, seems wonderfully macabre, and the main cast -- which appears to include a robot (!) with a gun (!!) and boots (!!!) - seems both large and diverse. I also spy sloped tunnels with characters running through them. Perhaps there's platforming afoot?

The buried objects - which include a UFO - give off a post-apocalyptic vibe, though they could also be in-jokes, I suppose. And, because I love reading way too far into things, the light behind the characters seems to suggest they've just entered the tunnel, so I doubt it's a game about emerging from, say, a Fallout-like vault or something. Honestly, though, I could be way off the mark. Maybe the ethereal lighting suggests ghosts, and the UFO suggests... alien ghosts.

Double Fine's hosting a reveal event soon, but until then, what sort of Olympic-caliber jumps to conclusions can you make based on this image?

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