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Supergiant slam dunk: Pyre released

Slam! Jam! You're a wizard, man!

Pyre [official site], the new party-based basketballing RPG from Bastion and Transistor developers Supergiant Games, is now out. Our boy Brendy set himself ablaze in his fervor to finish it and tell us all Wot He Thinks, which was evidently foolish. We'll find out his assessment after he's released from the burn ward so, for now, here's a reminder that Pyre is now out.

So there you are, down in purgatory with your mates, trying to win your freedom by playing magical foot-o-rugg-a-basketball. Pyre's battles are on the sportsfield, in real-time 3v3 slamming and jamming where teams are trying to extinguish the other's roaring pyre by pelting it with balls of water. You build teams from your party and naturally you have wizard powers to help with your sporting.

Also, it's a story! As you travel the world, you'll meet people, get to know folks, and probably gab a whole lot about how life is hell but at least there's sport.

On top of the campaign, Pyre does have a two-player competitive local multiplayer mode to simply slam, jam, ram, bam, and flam with a pal.

Pyre launched last night for Windows and Linux. It costs £14.99/19,99€/$19.99 on Steam.

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