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Quadrilateral Cowboy Getting New Levels, Says Creator

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Hacking-fueled heist-em-up Quadrilateral Cowboy [official site] came out last week and opinion has been a bit divided about it. Graham, for instance, thought it was a stylish but disappointing romp. Whereas I reckon it's a delicious retro-futuristic snack. But most reviews agreed on one thing - that there wasn’t enough of it. Well, get your 56k modem jacked in folks. The “20th Century Cyberpunk” adventure will receive new levels in a free post-release mod, the game’s designer has said.

Brendon Chung of Blendo Games was answering questions in a Reddit AMA when he was asked if he had plans to make any more missions for the game.

“I have some ‘deleted scenes’ I intend to package up as a mod download,” he said.

This piqued our curiosity. Would these scenes constitute actual missions, or would they be more like the game’s plot-driven acts that appear between heists? Would they cost anything extra? And when would they be available?

“The extra levels will be free,” he told us, “and downloadable through the Steam Workshop interface. I don't have a set date for them, but I'm loosely aiming for sometime in the next couple weeks.”

Chung has left the game open to modding, so it probably won’t be long before we see others following suit. I would love to see what extra capers people can stitch together from the game’s lasers, alarms, and command prompts. He has provided a guide to the necessary modding programs on Steam, but it is only an introduction. He plans on expanding this “handbook” for a while, he says.

“I also plan to continue keeping all of my games in the same shared universe,” he said later in the Reddit thread, “so look forward to more of that.”

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