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QuakeCon will again be online-only in 2022


It's tempting to simply copy-paste the post I wrote last year, as again QuakeCon is going to be an online-only event in 2022. The annual celebration of Bethesda-published games has traditionally taken place in Dallas, but has been forced into cyberspace by Covid-19.

"Like you, we're disappointed to not return to Dallas this year," says the statement shared on Twitter. "An event of this size requires months of planning, and in this case, we had to make decisions when there was still too much uncertainty to commit to successfully executing an in-person QuakeCon."

As in the past two years, the online event will feature a mixture of streams, charity events, giveaways and a "virtual BYOC". More information about the schedule will come in June, ahead of the event which will run from August 18th-20th.

The statement also says that they're "committed to returning with our full in-person festival in 2023."

QuakeCon began as a meetup for fans of Id Software games, with attendees encouraged to bring along their PCs so they could be networked for LAN gaming. In recent years it's expanded to encompass Bethesda games more broadly, including those by MachineGames and Arkane. It's also been the venue for news and releases of new games and remasters, such as an enhanced edition of Quake released last year.

If it's specifically Quake you're interested in, have a read of our Quake Renaissance series, published last year, in which developer, academic and FPS expert Robert Yang surveys the past and present state of the game and opens its doors to new players.

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