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Quantic Dream's deep sea exploration game Under The Waves gets a new serene trailer

Whispers from the deep

A deep sea diver wearing a diving suit basks in a red light in Under The Waves
Image credit: Image credit: Quantic Dream

Do I want to play another game where someone isolates themselves in hopes of getting over their sadness? Apparently, I do, because I quite like the look of Quantic Dream's Under The Waves. We were first introduced to this underwater sci-fi adventure during Geoffcom's Opening Night Live showcase last year, and now we get to see a little bit more in the new trailer revealed during this year's Summer Game Fest. Take a look at the trailer below, but if you're afraid of the ocean then maybe give this one a miss, yeah?

Playing as a professional diver called Stan, this adventure will be taking you to the depths of the ocean in a "techno-futuristic" 1970s. Stan is trying to overcome a life-changing loss and so has retreated to the quiet isolation of the ocean, but weird things start to happen whilst he's on the job - the waves carry strange whispers and he keeps spotting flashes of a young girl... Or is it a trick of the light?

Like I said before, I'm vibing a lot with Under The Waves. I'm a big fan of games set in the ocean, be they capturing its beauty in something like Abzu or its terrifying nature like in Subnautica. I think Under The Waves is going more for the Abzu approach, as it feels quite poetic from the trailer. I'm expecting the same sort of emotional gut punches found in Firewatch and What Remains Of Edith Finch too, but we'll have to wait and see.

Still no release date for Under The Waves, but it's been confirmed for Steam and the Epic Games Store, alongside Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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