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Quiz To Do. Also, Kieron Murdered.

Hullo. I just killed Kieron. He was typing quietly in IM trying to avoid my attention, but John Walker did something in capitals, so I heard it. I have now killed him. He's lying on the floor, and I'm having the occasional nibble. Nothing quite like New New Games Journalists to chew on. He appears to have left a half-done post here, so I'm going to do it, before pressing on and hunting down Walker. I can smell his spoor, so he can't escape me. Apparently, PC Gamer twittered this quiz which categorizes what sort of gamer you are. Apparently you'll find it fun. And here's a list of what assorted gaming luminaries have got...

Wait - these are all journalists. That doesn't sound very luminescent to me.

Ex-PC Zone editor Will Porter is a Survivor-Seeker!

Ex-PC Format Dan Griddleoctopus is a Seeker-Socialiser!

Un-Ex-RPSer John Walker is a Seeker-Mastermind!

Un-Ex-Anything Lewis Denby is a Survivor-Daredevil!

Ex-PC Format Un-Ex OXM Mike Channel is a Daredevil-Mastermind, which he describes as a "Pretentious Thicky".

Un-Ex-Microsoft-Lackey-in-chief Jon Hicks is a Seeker-Daredevil!

Un-Ex-Whatever-He's-up-to-now-is-it-still-PC-plus?er Richard Cobbett is a Mastermind Seeker.

Ironically, Ex-living Kieron was a Survivor-Seeker. "You like pulse-pounding risks and escaping from hideous and scary threats as well as finding strange and wonderful things or finding familiar things", apparently. Sadly, he failed to escape and the strange and wonderful thing found him.

You're next, Walker.

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