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Quizothinks Noprizes

I'm working in the PC Gamer office this week, so limiting my blogging time a little. Especially as I'm wrestling with the labrythine US tax system to get paid from someone else. Anyway! Enough whining. Relevantly, in a down moment, I got talked into writing something for their blog...

As tends to happen in the PC Gamer office, I found myself shouting out a factlet I'd discovered from the Electric Internet about a games developer. There followed a series of "NO WAYS!", as if we were all essaying Bill and Ted or something. I then found another factlet about another game developer, shouted it out, and got another chorus of "NO WAYS!" and an order from Ross to make some kind of blog quiz for people to test their knowledge. I said no, but he hit me until I complied. I don't like it when Ross hits me. I feed sad.

A throwaway quiz, throw your idle distraction. How many did YOU get? I got all 10, because I'm that good.

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