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Raft’s next update lets you redecorate your floating home

The Renovation Update brings cosy furniture to the survival sim

Raft is one of my favourite ways to spend an evening with my BFF Tom. We float, we scream at seagulls, we complain about the decor of our ocean-going besdsit. There’s only so much you can do with a shark’s head, and we have dozens of them. We need more stuff, which is what the next update brings. The Renovation Update is a complete overhaul of the decoration system, letting you strip away the shonky walls and craft something more akin to a floating Airbnb.

And what’s that I spy on the horizon? Could it be? Yes! Trailer-ho!

Everything now looks a lot more solid, perhaps a little bit too solid given how sturdy the stairs are, but that might just feel like a nice reward for all the tree chopping and plank fishing you have to do. And you have a further use for all those seagull feathers you end up with: you can make a paint brush to start decorating your skiff in more interesting colours and patterns. Haha, take that you crop eating sky rats. You are now a utility.

It does start to get a little bit silly as it goes on. Frankly, the rafts they’re building in this put my own house to shame. The beds look so cosy, the sofas impossibly chic, and that bathtub is right out of a glamping catalogue. But, hey, you now have a reason to collect all those resources.

There’s also glimpses of some new creatures, too. The whale at the start, the dolphins swooping around the raft, and I spotted turtles in a pre-release screenshot. I hope I don't have to stab a dolphin. I would not enjoy that.

The update is out today but it hasn’t been released at the time of writing. I’ll get started on reorganising my floor of chests as soon as the update lands on Steam.

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