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Make 'em pay today! Raid: World War II released


Grab your gaiters and whip out your bugle to tootle the Assembly call, as Raid: World War II [official site] is now out. It's a cooperative class-based shooter from Lion Game Lion, a studio that has contributed to Payday 2. Up to four players will head out on objective-driven missions across Europe to rob, sabotage, and generally shoot Nazis.

What I've seen of Raid (I've not played it yet) reminds me of Payday 2's more unconventional missions. Players toddle along stealthily or murderously, picking locks, swiping things, and shooting people to pieces. While layers will occasionally be stealing things in the Payday way, they'll also be stealing gold, ambushing convoys, and killing Hitler's personal sommelier (no, really).

Oh, and it has FMV cutscenes, including John Cleese as your warboss.

The Payday similarities aren't a coincidence. Developers Lion Game Lion have worked on Payday 2's The Bomb, Golden Grin Casino, and Car Shop heists, and include a number of folks who previously worked for Payday devs Overkill Software.

Raid: World War II is out now for £29.99/€36.99/$39.99 on Steam.

If you played Raid during beta, you might fancy checking out changes since that ended.

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