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Rainbow Six Extraction will challenge you to go back for your MIA teammates

No, pal, you can't stay the night at the zombie party

Rainbow Six Extraction may have recently extracted itself from this year's release schedule, but you won't have to dig too far to get some new details. Ubisoft's co-op zombie Clancy-verse spinoff has shown off more about its borrowed operators, its big new maps, and some details on rescuing your fallen friends. If you really want to go no pal left behind you may find yourself putting in some risky extra legwork. They've shown all that off down here in a new explainer video.

The quick and dirty is that Ubisoft have laid out all 18 operators you'll play in Extraction. They'd previously announced that all of Extraction's playable characters will be ones you know from Siege but hadn't revealed all their identities yet. They're all out in the open now. Tachanka made the list after all. Good for him. There are a lot more numbers down here in the new video as well. Extraction will have 12 maps, 13 mission types, 25 gadgets, and so on.

They do also give a little preview on a few of the maps, showing off some footage from settings in San Francisco, New Mexico, Alaska, and New York. The 12 maps spread across those regions are "all at least three times bigger than most Rainbow Six Siege maps," Ubisoft say.

One of the neater bits is how you'll handle teammates who fail to extract with you. If one of your pals goes down, you'll need to go spelunking back through the containment zone to get them out. The quick look at one operator yanking their buddy out of a gnarly cocoon of zombie juice sure is illustrative. Ubisoft say that rescuing your MIA teammates is "all or nothing," presumably meaning that you'll really have to decide how badly you want them back.

There's also a bit of info on the most scary baddies that Ubisoft call Proteans which you'll have to fight against in an area called The Singularity. The Proteans are particularly dangerous because they look like your operators and also "sometimes have the ability to mimic Operator behavior," Ubisoft say.

Ubisoft recently announced that they'd decided to delay Extraction from its originally-announced September release date to an unspecified date in January 2022.

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