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Rainbow Six Extraction will be on Game Pass at launch

The co-op shooter is a surprising addition

Ubisoft today announced a surprising upcoming addition to Game Pass: Rainbow Six Extraction will be available on Microsoft's subscription service right from the start when it launches later this month. The monster-mashing spin-off from R6 Siege isn't one of their full-price games, coming at a slightly cheaper £34, but still, damn, that's a good get. And exactly the sort of game I likely wouldn't buy new but would try on Game Pass.

The cooperative FPS, which sees tacticool murderers battling mutated monsters, is launching on January 20th. And that very day it will be available on PC Game Pass, as well as Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That really is a surprise, even after Ubisoft had previously lowered its price and announced buddy passes.

Ubisoft also announced today that Rainbow Six Siege is coming to PC Game Pass too, having previously been on Xbox Game Pass. It'll launch the same day as Extraction, January 20th.

"By making Rainbow Six Extraction available to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass members on the day and date of its launch via Xbox Game Pass, we're demonstrating that we believe in the value and choice that game subscriptions offer to players," said Chris Early, Ubisoft's SVP of strategic partnerships and Business Development.

Alongside this, see, they announced that Ubisoft+ is coming to Xboxes too. Remember Ubisoft+? The subscription service which is a far worse deal than Game Pass? The one that's chuffing £13 a month and only has Ubisoft games? Naw, I don't blame you if you don't remember. But here Ubisoft are, shouting about how great subscription services are, trying to remind people that they have one too.

Elsewhere in the world of big games from big publishers hitting Game Pass, the remastered Mass Effect Legendary Edition trilogy is arriving tomorrow. EA have been a lot cosier with Microsoft, offering access to the basic tier of their EA Play subscription service as part of Game Pass.

A group of Ubifolk, known as ABetterUbisoft, are still campaigning for management to "take FAR more action to end abuse in Ubisoft and the wider industry." While the company vowed to improve following the many allegations of abuse, harassment, and discrimination which emerged in 2020, the group feel they've still not done enough. ABetterUbisoft laid out their demands in August 2021 with an open letter signed by 1000 current and former employees, and followed up with a public petition.

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