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Rainbow Six Siege Caveira: Q1 2019 update, what she can do and how to use her

They didn't see me coming

Rainbow Six Siege doesn't have many operators that are solely focused on stealth and roaming, but Caveira scratches that itch. However a recent set of changes to the character could potentially make her less attractive to certain players. This guide will show you exactly why she's so deadly in the right hands, as well as details the recent changes to her gun.

Caveira operator guide

Caviera's changes only serve to make her even more difficult to use effectively for newer players due to the nature of Rainbow Six Siege. That said, there are times where a roaming Caveira striking out of nowhere can dismantle an entire team before they know what hit them. To stand the best chance of pulling this off, this will require some expert knowledge of how to move effectively, covered in our Rainbow Six Siege guide hub, but also a good understanding of how her stealth works and the maps themselves.

Caveira's Stats

Armour: 1
Speed: 3

Caveira's Weapon Loadouts

Caveira has the M12 submachine gun and the SPAS-15 semi-automatic shotgun. The submachine gun has relatively low damage and a slowish rate of fire, while the shotgun is a great close quarters weapon that sadly loses potency at further ranges.

She also has the Luison - a PRB92 equipped with a custom suppressor. This is the weapon that has seen the biggest amount of changes. Damage has been reduced to 65 from 99, which in itself isn't a massive issue in itself since a head shot will still kill in one hit. The increased recoil and hip fire are there to "reinforce the hunter aspect of the character". What makes the biggest change is the damage falloff is now more consistent with other pistols, which means you need to get closer to the enemy to deal maximum damage with a normal shot.

Caveira's Gadgets

Her gadgets include the bulletproof camera and the impact grenades. Since she will be sneaking around trying to assassinate foes, the bulletproof camera gives her options to attempt to stalk foes, while the impact grenades are good for if she runs into multiple opponents.

Caveira's Skill

Caveira is the go-to assassin of the roster as silent step reduces her footstep noise for a short time. It's a rechargeable ability, so has a cooldown upon finishing use. You can interrupt this ability at any time so that you can recover usage of it more quickly. Since it never really goes away, this makes her a constant threat for your opponents.

In addition to this, Caveira can melee enemies or shoot them with her pistol from this state to down the opponent instead of killing them. This enables her to interrogate the fallen foe and after a quick button press silently kill that enemy. Once she has done this, the entire enemy team is flagged up in full view for a short time to you and your allies, meaning your entire team can know exactly where the enemy is.

Should I pick Caveira?

With her recent changes, it could be argued that she is generally weaker than before. In terms of raw numbers, it doesn't seem like it does all that much, but the reality is that Caveira players now need to get much closer to the opponent to efficiently kill them. Those used to Caveira's play style are probably still going to be as efficient, since they'll be able to do everything they could do beforehand. Newer players though may find that she is now a lot less forgiving to play compared to before.

Her only real counter is Jackal thanks to his special glasses that see footprints when she's roaming around. Even so, he can't see the sneaking footprints, so when she's using her ability, she's able to evade him for a short time.

With a little bit of luck, Caveira can be more than a mere nuisance to the enemy team, revealing all their icons to the team. If you need to know which icon is which player, our main Rainbow Six: Siege operators guide has links to each individual operator, as well as an overview on the more universally useful ones and which ones beginners should consider learning.

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