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Rainbow Six Siege Expansion Aims To Squash Cheaters

Bye, cheaters!

On August 2nd, Rainbow Six Siege [official site] will introduce its next expansion DLC, Skull Rain, which introduces the usual two operators and a map. All that's great, but what's potentially better is a new anti-cheat system which will hopefully put 'cuffs on the perps ruining this lovely game with their cheating ways.

As part of Ubisoft's "Health Program," this new anti-cheat engine will be a client-side application that will prevent Siege from running while it detects the presence of known cheats or hacks. Cheating has been a problem with Siege since launch, so hopefully the new "BattlEye" anti-cheat can finally begin to curb that. As of today, there's no word on when BattlEye will be implemented, but Ubisoft says it shouldn't be too much longer of a wait.

Other health improvements made in Skull Rain include limiting the amount of clipping that can happen on player models, meaning that having a bit of the fabric from your sleeve pop through the wall shouldn't be much of an issue anymore.

And then there's the new operators, of course! Skull Rain takes players to Brazil and introduces the Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (BOPE). Capitão is the new attacker and comes armed with a crossbow that burns oxygen around the bolt to asphyxiate enemy targets. On defense, Caveira uses her "Silent Step" skill to sneak up on enemy players, immobilize them, and interrogate them for information on the enemy team's position. All of that honestly sounds very cool.

While the new map is free for everyone, new operators can be accessed through the season pass seven days early or purchased using in-game credits when they launch on August 2nd. Rainbow Six Siege is available on Steam.

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