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Rainbow Six Siege ends year with Operation White Noise

Hack, sneak and blow stuff up

Rainbow Six Siege’s second year of updates has closed with Operation White Noise, the natural enemy of insomnia. It launched yesterday and introduces a new map, Mok Myeok Tower in South Korea, along with three new operators with diverse skills. One of them can even hack your phone to distract you. Stop reading messages from lonely singles in your area, there’s a mission to finish (and a launch trailer to watch).

As well as hacker Dokkaebi, there’s sneaky Vigil, who’s able to slip past cameras, and heavy-hitting Zofia, who’s armed with concussion and impact ammunition. You probably noticed her extreme dislike for walls in the trailer. I get that. Open-plan all the way.

If you haven’t played Rainbow Six Siege for a while, here's Rich finding out if the squad shooter has been improved by its updates. Here’s a snippet:

30-plus hours of play just to unlock a new character feels grindy — because it is — but Siege does at least let players get stuck in to all of its levels, even if they’re lumped with the Starter Edition. The pool of stages has been added to as new operators have joined the fray, themed around their country of origin, and now includes Japanese rooftop mansions, Balaeric bars, and Brazilian favelas. I was happiest when we ended up on new maps Coastline and Skyscraper — primarily because both are a bit brighter than the overwhelming brownness of Siege’s grungier locales — but none of the stages skimp on the destructible walls, and so remain fun to rearrange.

To play with Operation White Noise's new operators, you’ll either need to buy the Year 2 pass from Uplay or Steam, or you can purchase them using in-game credits from next week. The map, however, is available to everyone straight away.

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