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Rainbow Six Siege Frost: what she can do and how to use her

Freeze, dirtbag

Sometimes, there's nothing quite like ensnaring your enemies in a bear trap. Defensive enemies in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege have plenty of traps, but none are as direct as Frost's as any enemy that is unlucky enough to walk into one is instantly incapacitated. This guide will go over how to use her "welcome mat", as well as the weapons and gadgets she has that complement her skill.

Frost operator guide

Defenders such as Frost are among the more direct defenders in the Rainbow Six Siege roster. She can make things instantly perilous for any potential breaching activity thanks to her ability. We'll cover how best to use that here, but you can also go to our Rainbow Six Siege guide hub to get some tips and tricks aimed at getting back into Rainbow Six Siege if you haven't played in a while.

Frost's Stats

Armour: 2
Speed: 2

Frost's Weapon Loadouts

Frost's guns include the 9mm C1 submachine gun, which is a relatively okay choice for those that prefer automatic weapons, while the Super 90 shotgun is a good breach weapon with a semi-automatic firing rate. With a slightly higher rate of fire compared to other shotguns and the fact the 9mm C1 has that awkward sideways magazine sticking out, it's best to go for the shotgun.

Frost's Gadgets

While the importance of more information via the bulletproof camera cannot be understated, the barbed wire is an optimal choice given that you can attempt to hide Frost's ability inside of the barbed wire to make it stand out less.

Frost's Skill

Frost's ability is the Sterling MK2 LHT, affectionately dubbed the "welcome mat". This is a bear trap that incapacitates anyone who steps in it. They can be revived by a teammate, but if the person affected is the last man standing, they're immediately killed. While not affected by electrical means, it's very vulnerable to gunfire, melee attacks, and explosives.

Should I pick Frost?

If there's another person on the team who you can combo the welcome mat with, then absolutely pick Frost. If you place the welcome mat into barbed wire, then have Bandit place the electrical trap inside of it, then you'll have a very deadly trap waiting for enemies. Using a deployable shield that someone else has placed and herding the enemy to step into the trap also works well. They're a great character to use when combined with others, and the shotgun is highly destructive.

Frost definitely has synergy with the likes of Bandit, so if you'd like to know more about where to put Bandit's electrical traps, go to our main Rainbow Six: Siege operators guide which has links to each individual operator, as well as an overview on the more universally useful ones and which ones beginners should consider learning.

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