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Rainbow Six Siege leaks its wet and wild next season, Shifting Tides

Wet, wet, wet

Is it on the nose to call this a leak? Earlier today, Ubisoft posted a brief clip of Rainbow Six Siege's next season, Shifting Tides. Despite gentle, rolling waves that'd keep resident sea-dweller Alice O satisfied, I don't think Ubi are ditching high-stress firefights for a rollicking seaside adventure. We've seen a brief glimpse of Shifting Tide's new gadgets, and these toys ain't messing around.

At the time of writing, we've only got a few scraps of info on Shifting Tides. We do, however, know that next season's new operators will be packing some serious gear, thanks to this unexpectedly premature feature trailer.

According to leaks reported by Windows Central, Shifting Tides' two new Operators are Indian attacker Kali and Wamai, a defensive chap from Kenya.

On the offensive side, Kali will be able to load a special piercing round into her rifle, capable of punching a fist-sized hole through two layers of regular walls. It can also tunnel through barricaded walls, though it takes a fair bit longer and makes one hell of a racket. We're playing with a bit more sci-fi nonsense on defence. See, new defender Wamai can place an absolute bastard of a magnet on walls, powerful enough to rip supersonic bullets straight out of the air.

How it's not ripping every watch, wallet and pair of specs from every passing operator is anyone's guess.

That's all I can tell you about Shifting Tides for now, I'm afraid. We'll get the full rundown when Ubisoft reveals the new season proper during the Pro League Finals on Sunday, November 10th.

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