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Rainbow Six Siege partners with Netflix for a free week of crime


Once stalwart agents of counterterrorism, two of Rainbow Six Siege's elite operators have decided to ditch their day jobs for a week on the other side. From today through Monday the 25th, Hibana and Vigil are joining up with the crew of Netflix's Money Heist for some crimson crime capers in Siege's first crossover outside of loaning characters to other Ubisoft games. There's no need to go nicking pennies to get in on the event, either. From Thursday through Monday the 25th, Rainbow Six Siege will be free to pick up and play, with a hefty discount for killers who want to keep it for good.

Money Heist, known natively as La Casa De Papel (The House Of Paper, an objectively cooler name), is a Spanish crime drama following a group of red-cloaked robbers as they stage a multi-day assault on The Royal Mint of Spain. It's the sort of job I reckon Team Rainbow would be rushing to counter, but it appears two members have joined the Spaniards for a bit of a crime spree.

Siege's Money Heist event is a typical Hostage match on Bank (naturally). This time, the hostages have come dressed in the show's "iconic" moustache-twirling red jumpsuit getup. Players who jump in as Hibana or Vigil will also don the same look, regardless of whether they've bought the coinciding event bundle or not.

Otherwise, it's business as usual. Break in, free the hostages, break out. Quite convenient of Money Heist's plot to map so well to a round of digital gunsports.

The heist itself lasts five days, but the spoils of crime will be hanging around far, far longer. Hibana and Vigil are both getting those red jumpsuits and nightmare-inducing plastic masks. Hibana's bundle also includes a new Tokyo charm and Regal Mint skin for the Type-89, while Vigil players can nab the Surrealist charm and Fresh Paper K1A weapon skin. These event bundles will remain in the in-game store for "approximately a year". No rush, then.

There are more details on the Money Heist event, plus this week's free period, over on the Rainbow Six Siege site. With some minor cosmetic tweaks, it's hardly the most daring crossover event. It may, however, open the doors to more outlandish collaborations between Netflix and Team Rainbow. How about a prison break with the lassies from Orange Is The New Black? A supernatural breach into Stranger Things' upside-down? Bojack Kapkan?

From tomorrow 'til December 2nd, Rainbow Six Siege will be discounted across Steam, Uplay and the Epic Games Store. The discount isn't live on Steam and Epic yet, though Uplay lists it as 60%.

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