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Rainbow Six Siege Thermite: what he can do and how to use him

He's breaking through

Thermite is yet another attacker operator in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that can make mincemeat of walls. This FBI attacker operator has a decent arsenal and gadgets to use after triggering his enhanced explosive charges, so in this guide there will be all the information on what this volatile character can do.

Thermite operator guide

Much like a few other operators, Thermite uses explosives to enable his fellow attackers to overrun the enemy objective. Like a lot of the original operators that featured in Rainbow Six Siege, he's a great choice for new players to learn and is in general a good team player. If you'd like a refresher on playing the game, head on over to our Rainbow Six Siege guide hub.

Thermite's Stats

Armour: 2
Speed: 2

Thermite's Weapon Loadouts

Thermite's primary weapons are the M1014 semi-automatic shotgun and the 556XI assault rifle. The shotgun has a decent amount of environmental destruction and can hit at medium range effectively, but the assault rifle does more damage and has a decent capacity. His pistols are the M45 Meusoc and the 5.7 USG and which one you choose is down to personal preference.

Thermite's Gadgets

You can equip Thermite with either the claymore or the stun grenade. Since stun grenades can be used to disorientate enemies when thrown shortly after his special breaching charges detonate, this is a good combination. The claymore can be useful for those paranoid players who don't like to be followed by the enemy.

Thermite's Skill

Thermite has the Brimstone BC-3 Exothermic charge. This enhanced tool of destruction is specifically designed to breach reinforced walls and their explosive range is amplified slightly compared to the standard breaching charge. The caveat is that there is an animation that takes a few seconds upon activation, meaning that enemies will know what's about to happen. That said, you can cook a stun grenade in preparation for the explosion.

Should I pick Thermite?

His ability to render reinforced walls completely useless is invaluable in the right team setup. Unless they get enough intel to know that you picked Thermite, you can really surprise them with their destructive capabilities. He's also an excellent counter to operators like Castle who use more difficult to penetrate barriers.

Thermite can make almost every defender's time a miserable one, but maybe you'd like to learn one of the other attackers or defender's strategies? Click through to our main Rainbow Six: Siege operators guide to find all the links to each individual operator, as well as an overview on the more universally useful ones and which ones beginners should consider learning.

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