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Rainbow Six Siege’s Containment event is a glimpse into Extraction’s alien invasion


The best place to advertise an upcoming game is inside one of your current games, it seems. That’s what Ubisoft are doing with the latest Rainbow Six: Siege event, called “Containment”. The event is inspired by the upcoming Rainbow Six: Extraction, and gleefully messes with Siege’s set-up. It’s a PVP challenge where a team of Rainbow Six operators are pitted against a group of infected alien doppelgangers protecting their nests.

The new game mode, "Nest Destruction", starts today and ends Aug. 24. Attackers will try to reclaim the Consulate map from the “chimera parasites” of extraction. The aliens have no weapons, but they have higher health and are much speedier than the standard operators. They basically run and flail as they try to protect their nests.

Ubisoft are really enjoying asset mashing these days, eh? Getting their operators to cosplay as aliens is actually a smart way to take the current assets and make something new with them. They must be taking notes from the Tom Clancy’s XDefiant team, who have made an entire game out of putting a bunch of different characters from Tom Clancy games into an upcoming free-to-play shooter. If I were working on XDefiant, I’d have quite a fun time grabbing all the new operator variants into XDefiant, just to freak people out. Don’t think it won’t happen.

It’s time limited, so it won’t hold you over until Rainbow Six Extraction comes out in January 2022, but it could be a fun twist on the long-running team shooter.

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