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Rallying Cry: Codies Going Back to McRae Roots?

UPDATE: Oh dear, turns out to be some mobile thing. BETRAYAL.

The DIRT and GRID games have all been jolly good, accessible fun, but I know a certain contingent of Metal Box Moving At High Speed fans have long rued Codemasters' retreat from traditional rally games - specifically the once-ubiquitous Colin McRae Rally series. Looks as though mud'n'hatchback fans might be due to have all their Christmases come at once, as the CEO of Codemasters has announced plans to visit all their houses, tie them to a kitchen chair and force-feed them 85 whole turkeys, 340 roast potatoes and 21 pints of gravy each. After that, he might even confirm that there will indeed be a new McRae Rally game, as today's viral teasing has heavily implied.

It all stemmed from Codies' communications boss Rich Eddy tweeting about an imminent reveal, shortly followed by an image of the late McRae's car, accompanied by a rather familiar colour scheme and typography.

Yes, Tweet-sleuths didn't take long to determine that the new picture was highly remiscent of the box art for PC and PS1 fave Colin McRae Rally 2.0, which might imply that we're in for an 'HD' remake rather than a brand new game.

In any case, the full reveal will apparently be tomorrow, so I've just played right into marketing hands once again, haven't I? Codiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies! (Shakes fist).

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