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Raven Squad: All-Guns Blazing Squad

Okay. This is me suspecting I know what interests our readers more than traditional wisdom would dictate. You see, if you look beneath the cut, you'll find lots of screenshots of men with guns blowing stuff up in the Jungle. However, I actually think people will be far more excited in seeing this overhead tacticsmap, because it shows that we're not just in the realms of the standard Honour Call of Crysis Duty game, but something a little more singular.

Or we hope so, anyway. Don't let us down, Raven Squad. We're being nice here.

Not much is revealed yet other than Southpeak will be distributing it, and you'll be put in charge of a couple of mercenary squads. In other words, looking at the maps, and the team load-outs, it's a cross between Hidden and Dangerous and Brothers in Arms. Its main feature is the ability to skip between first person shootage and small-squad real-time strategy. It's being made by Atomic Motion games, who I can find absolutely no details on anywhere, so I'll start a rumour that they're actually a crack team of Mongolian Wrestlers who've decided to turn their hands to game development. Southpeak's press release claims there's more details on the game on their website, but there jolly well isn't. Someone needs to give their web-design time a real-time boot. Get a move on.

Anyway, it'll be available in autumn and looks like this:

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Raven Squad

Xbox 360, PC

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